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ABS, here in China we called “Complex sheet panel”, means the Acrylonitrile - Butadiene - Styrene copolymer, it’s the first letter of these three monomers, it’s the most common engineering plastic.


Acrylic, here in China we called it “pure acrylic”, the chemical name is “PMMA”, means Poly Methyl Methacrylate, it’s the main component of organic glass.


Difference between ABS bathtub and pure acrylic bathtub:


ABS bathtub is more stronger then pure acrylic bathtub, no need to make up with fiberglass, easy to be cut, during producing no need to concern about breaking;

Pure acrylic bathtub has to be makes up with fiberglass to be stronger, and pure acrylic bathtub is soft, has to be more careful during produce and cutting.


Pure acrylic bathtub can be shaped more artistically than ABS shaped bathtub. But ABS bathtub is making it much more impact resistant and therefore safer than pure acrylic bathtub.


ABS is insulates better than pure acrylic, if use in building a house, then it can potentially saving on heating bills. But if use in bathtub, that means will lose heat more fast then pure acrylic bathtub.


Pure acrylic bathtub, is easy to be scratch, notch sensitive, but also easy to polish, pure acrylic bathtub keeping its clarity over the years without turning yellow, it can be easily clean by use a soft cloth and toothpaste, if taken care of, it can remain new looking for several decades.. But ABS bathtub can’t, ABS bathtub will be turning to be yellow or dirty after year use and not easy to clean, and if it’s scratch it will be very visible and not easy to be polish.


ABS if use in a hot environment will releases toxic fumes, example if use in a steam shower room, and it’s no good for human skin, specially for some sensitive physique people. PMMA is much better then ABS, because PMMA is also be use in sun glasses, injection and beauty industrial.



Guangzhou Huadu Alanbro Sanitary Ware Factory

Guangzhou Huadu Alanbro Sanitary Ware Factory lies in Huadu Area Guangzhou City and covers an area of 20,000 square meters. Our factory has two modern production bases which specialize in producing high-quality Acrylic kiosk and sanitary ware, includ...
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