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April 23, 2013


Alanbro Brings Medical and Facial grade Mist Atomization into Sauna Steam Shower Room


Alanbro Sanitary Ware Manufactory recently brings mist atomization into sauna steam shower rooms, this exciting new technique is the first technology in sauna steam shower room industry. And it’s another major initiative technique after the Aromatherapy and steam heater function for shower rooms.


The Mist Atomization is medical grade and combines with cosmetology, it’s separate from the steam and aromatherapy outlet. It’s built with an atomizing device with two nebulizer jars inside the steam shower sauna room. It provides more choices for people to enjoy the bath shower cabin. With the two nebulizer jars you can easily put essential oil or milk and difference liquid medicines according to needs.


Steam shower combines with Mist Atomization has the following main features:


l       Steam Bath

Build with a 3.2KW to 4.5KW steam generator. It can improve blood circulation, prevent diseases, eliminate wastes and toxins from your body, deep skin cleansing, looses weight, strengthen immune system and rejuvenation. Everyday just spend about 15 to 20 minutes to enjoy the wet steam is great for the daily regimen and health.


l       Mist Atomization

Build with a 95Watts atomizing device with two nebulizer jars inside the shower room, it can improves your facial and can cure or ease lots of illness, such as cold, cough, pneumonia, trachitis, bronchitis, asthma, freckle/ephelis, acne, flu, fatigue, etc.


l       Aromatherapy

The steam outlet was also the medicines box, you can simply place solid aromatherapy scents or Chinese medicines inside the steam box during use for wellness benefits, extra comfort and additional relaxation.


l       Shower Bath

Build with spray jets on walls, ceiling showerhead and movable showerheads.


l       Whirlpool spa

Install with water pump and air pump for whirlpool spa with water jets.


l       Other main features

LED lights, FM radio, time/temperature setting, exhaust fan, ozone sterilize, etc


l       Waterproof TV and MP3/MP4 optional


Mr Hu ( Alanbro’s senior engineer) said, the atomizing new technique idea comes from the Facial Industry, it can helps people to make facial everyday and cure or ease illness, specially for ladies and elder people. You can move the nebulizer jar face to any place on your body.



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